Auto Body Rust Repair

Auto Body Rust Repair: Making it Easy

Auto body rust repair has turned more crucial in recent years. The present economy has a lot of folks maintaining their cars longer for an average of 9.4 years. Not just should you be worried about how well your car runs, but it is significant that you keep managing on rust to preserve the body of the car.


When to Do Your Own Auto Body Rust Repair

If you reside in an area with ice and snow removal, your car will get winter damage. Your car will rust because of the materials applied to clear snow and ice from roadways. Road salt and some other materials will quicken rust damage to your car’s surface.

You’ll require finding out whether you can address the rust on your car yourself or if you’ll need a professional car body expert to mind of the problem for you. Your decision will depend greatly on how big the rust damage is and what sort of outcomes you are expecting.

If the rust damage hasn’t rusted through the metal and is no more than 2 to 4 inches in diameter, you are able to repair the area yourself over a 2-day weekend. The primary tools required are primer, sanders, and paint to match the color of the car, masking tape and old newspaper.

DIY Auto Body Rust Repair: Rust Removal

Your initial step is to take away the rust. You’ll require a sanding disc outfitted with sandpaper, with a texture of 100-grit. Move slowly once taking away paint and rust so that you do not cut or remove into the metal. You prefer to sand beyond the rust area to produce a solid area rust-free.


When you’ve took away the rust you’ll need to sand the area through hand with 120-grit sandpaper and then proceed to 150-grit paper. Tack cloth is utilized to make sure the metal is clean and free of dirt.


Wrap up the area surrounding the sanded metal with masking tape and newspaper.


Use self-etching primer in absolute light coats. It works finest to wait between 5-10 minutes between every application of primer. Waiting a couple of minutes between coats lets the primer to establish and assists stop the paint from running. You’ll require applying 3 to 4 coats of self-etching primer. When you have applied the 4th coat, allow it set up until the following day.